One of a kind ring in Tricolor Adventurine
One of a kind ring in Tricolor Adventurine

One of a kind ring in Tricolor Adventurine

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Exquisitely made by Oregon artist, Allison Sattinger, this ring is a true one of a kind. 

Approx 1.5" from top to bottom of the stone, 0.5" wide

Ring Size: 8.75

Here's what Allison has to say about this ring's unique wishbone cast in sterling silver:

"When I was in junior high we had the most flamboyant and wonderful French teacher name Monsieur McGovern and of all his schtik to make learning a new language fun, my favorite was the poulet de bonne chance.

It was a limp rubber chicken that he would use to great comedic effect or to shame a student who couldn't grasp verb conjugation to his liking. 

When Orion was a baby my mother and I went to a farmer's market and somehow purchased a chicken that cost forty dollars - yes, you read that right. We realized our mistake some minutes later and decided that the chicken had better reveal itself as charmed. "That chicken better do the damn dishes!!" I realized in that moment we had found the real life Poulet de Bonne Chance!! I snapped out the wishbone and sent it away to be cast, convinced that the real magic was in sharing the joy of this overpriced fowl and the humor it brought us!

Fast forward to the end of this winter and my deep need for more lightness, more relief from the heaviness of grief. I thought immediately of the cast bone of the PDBC, picked out some exquisite stones and got to work. I smiled more. I laughed over memories of Mr. McGov and how much fun my mother and I had imagining all of the household tasks this chicken would need to do to work off its own expense.

If you need some joy, these pieces have it to spare. All metal is .925 sterling silver"