Sacred Smoke
Sacred Smoke

Sacred Smoke

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We love a good ritual and this sacred smoke is checking allllll the boxes. Integrate Sacred Smoke into your bathing ritual or sacred ceremonies to clear energy, purify the air and create space to tune in. This harmonious Burn Blend weaves together four sacred plants from around the world. Frankincense, Copal, White Sage and Lavender provide a sweet and earthy ceremonial smoke that will cleanse your space and connect you to Spirit.
Ritual: Light a cinder by holding it to a flame for a few seconds until it begins to sparkle, then place in a fire safe dish. Allow to fully ignite in a well ventilated area for about a minute. As desired, offer a small pinch of Sacred Smoke on top of the cinder, which will continue to smolder for about 45 minutes. Pro tip: Split cinder in half to stretch number of burns

Ingredients: Frankincense, Copal, White Sage, and Lavender. All ingredients are organic, vegan and gluten free.

Each 1.2oz glass vial of Sacred Smoke contains about 10 uses and comes with a roll of 10 cinders.

Made in the USA.